Pantomime Scripts T&C


1. Perusal copies are supplied solely for review. Receipt of a perusal copy in no way grants rights to its use in any media as a whole or in part.

2. Perusal copies are provided in electronic PDF format and MUST NOT be printed without prior consent.

3. All scripts are updated annually and must be deleted/destroyed following perusal or production.

4 . All material (bespoke or otherwise) remains the property of the author. This includes any permitted additions (see. ALTERATIONS & CUTS).


5. A licence to perform MUST be applied for and granted prior to the commencement of rehearsals or any form of production announcement (including but not limited to social media).

6. All licenses are non-exclusive unless otherwise arranged.

7. Licences are non-transferable and strictly for the number of performances/dates detailed in the contractual agreement.

8. Taylor Made Events and Costumes must be informed as soon as possible of any performances additional to those detailed in the signed agreement. An additional payment will be due and an updated licence issued.

9. 50% of the total fee is due alongside a signed copy of the contractual agreement to secure any licence with the remaining balance due no later than 60 days from the contract date unless an alternative arrangement is stipulated.

10. Deposit payments and licensing fees are non-refundable.


11. The theatre company/society/organisation is permitted and authorised to make minor cuts/alterations as necessary. In this instance, minor refers to the alteration or omission of individual lines unless to the detriment of the integrity of the script.

12. Any changes in structure, addition of characters or any other changes deemed substantial must be detailed and confirmed in writing.

13. A copy of any script containing major alterations must be sent for approval.

14. All material remains the property of the author including any alterations and additions made by the licensee.


15. Rights to create an audio/video recording of your production are not included in the licence and must be applied for separately.

16. Taylor Made Events and Costumes grants rights to record solely the dialogue as detailed in the script. The recording of any copywritten music is exempt from this and rights to record must be sought from the relevant copyright holders.

17. An A/V recording license allows permission to produce a recording for the personal use of the society/theatre company/organisation or individual or for archiving purposes. There must be no public screening (this includes sharing of any recording online).

18. Copies of any recording must not be sold commercially without prior arrangement.


19. Rights to the use of Taylor Made Events and Costumes artwork/show logos are not included in the licence and must be applied for separately. This includes use on printed material (posters/programmes/tickets etc.) and in all other media.


20. The society/theatre company/organisation must acknowledge the writer in all publicity and/or printed materials including (but not limited to) leaflets, posters, programmes and advertisements.

21. This acknowledgement extends to the authors name/theatre company being detailed (see 21.) and the website clearly advertised (

22. If requested by Taylor Made Events and Costumes, copies of all printed materials pertinent to the production must be sent.

23. Acknowledgement may take the form of any of the following:

24. All acknowledgements must be prominent within the design of any advertisement materials and no smaller than font size 12. If in doubt, send a proof for approval.

25. The ‘Taylor Made events and Costumes’ logo is also available for inclusion on request.


26. Taylor Made Events and Costumes reserves the right to make alterations to these terms and conditions whenever it becomes necessary.

27. Should a theatre company/society/organisation be in breach of any of the terms and conditions of the contract or as detailed above, Tom Whalley Pantomimes may terminate any licence agreement and refuse future applications with no reimbursement.

28. Breach of any of the terms and conditions may result in legal action being taken.

29. Taylor Made Events and Costumes reserves all rights.


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